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A tale of tails

our mission

And by actually living through that, rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming strays and wild dogs in Cambodia, I felt like I had found my goal in life. But how am I able to help? 

Well, at that time I was already making little bandana's for Olive, and one day, sitting in our tropical garden with Olive running around playing in her new Orange colored bandana, it just hit me. A store! That's how I can help! From there it all spiraled out of control. Now we are almost three years of testing and planning later, and finally I can share with you the beautiful products I have designed as well as our ultimate mission.


My ultimate goal would be to set up educational programs at schools and temples to teach them how to deal with the overload of stray and wild animals, but that is something for the future.  For now, we focus on small steps until we can reach our goals. 15% of all profit will go to small charities around Asia to help them with food, medical care and whatever they might need. 

Will you help us make our dreams reality, by supporting Buddha Pup Co. and local charities?

Meet Stef

Hi! I'm Steff, and on this page I'am going to tell you a little about how Buddha Pup got started, how I got into making Handmade dog accesoiries and what our mission is. 

A nature loving creative animal person, I think that is how you can describe me. I am an avid hiker, have worked with animals for over 10 years and I have always been a creative mind. My hobbies vary from photography and painting to behavioral studies and other sciences, a wide arrey of stuff and I feel like I have finally found a way to put all my skills to good use with Buddha Pup.

Buddha Pup actually got started as an idea back in 2016, the year I got Olive. She is a rescue pup from the Cambodian jungle, where I lived at that time. Animals in Cambodia don't always have the best life, education on how to treat pets is not present and neither is healthcare. Most dogs actually die before even reaching their first birthday, whether it be from diseases like Parvo and Distemper or from the dangerous roads in the country.