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care instructions

rope collars and leashes

There are multiple types of rope collars and leashes available in our store. If you chose for a rope collar or leash with no leather detailing and no clip upgrades you will be able to wash your items at 30 degrees Celsius in a laundrybag. If you did choose to upgrade your clip to a different color or you chose one of our leashes with leather or biothane detailing we advise to only wash your items by hand. 

fabric collars and bandanas

Since most of our fabric items are of cotton fabrics we would advise to only wash these by hand and only when it is truly needed. If you want to prolong the use of our collars we can advise you to treat them with a dirt repelling spray. Make sure to first test this on the inside of the collar to make sure the fabric doesn't stain or change color. 

waxed cotton collars

Our line of waxed cotton collars is truly adventure proof, but even adventure proof gear might need a washing every now and again. Make sure to use cold water to wash your collar and use a mild soap like castile soap to do so. Gently rub it in with a sponge and after washing it out let the collar air dry. After a year or so your collar might be in need of a new layer of wax. Make sure to use wax that is meant for clothing and jackets.

biothane collars and leashes

Biothane is the easiest to care for out of our line of products. Scrub it as much as you want, with normal water and soap. Make sure to not wet the clips too much since these are a little more fragile than the super strong biothane.