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With this download you get:

✨ 8 Lightroom presets for MOBILE

These presets are made with RAW files. This means they work best on your RAW images. They have also been tested on .JPEG files and work on those too, although the outcome might be a tad different than in the images. The presets are made mainly with animal photo's in mind. They have been tested on all colours of dogs (Black, brown, red, spotted, white, cream, etc.) and work well with all colours.

Why I made these presets

In my Photography I've tried out many different presets, and although I've loved many of them I always felt like I was missing something. I knew exactly what I wanted in my pictures, a dark and moody feel, with deep saturation and detail. I've been working at these Presets for quite some time now and I finally feel like it's the time to bring them out. They work on many different coloured dogs and give you that deep and intense look you've been looking for, or at least that is what I hope! I felt like it was the natural next step for Olive's instagram account, and I really hope you guys will enjoy these presets as much as I do!


Don't forget to follow www.instagram.com/olivethedingodog to see these presets in use, and use #Olivespresetpack to be featured on our account!

OLIVES Preset Pack | 8 desktop presets for Lightroom MOBILE

€ 17,95 Regular Price
€ 10,77Sale Price
  • These files are .xmp files. They are used with the newest version of Lightroom CC